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Student COVID Policy Summary

Each of us is responsible for lessening the impact and risk of COVID and promoting a safe and healthy living, learning and working environment, consistent with the UC San Diego Principles of Community. In support of this mission, UC San Diego will address student COVID policy violations through a multi-tiered approach involving personal accountability, education, and student conduct. While our process emphasizes education on applicable policies and procedures, decision making, and the impact of personal actions on others, incidents may be addressed through the Student Conduct Procedures and subject to progressive disciplinary sanctions.

 !  Campus guidance will continue to evolve as federal, state and county guidance and the current public health environment does. To help clarify what is currently expected of students, we have summarized the student COVID policies below. We will regularly review and update this summary for accuracy. However, policy is subject to change and this summary does not replace campus policy and local, state, or federal law that may go into effect.

Housing Safety Rules

The University will continue to monitor the rates of COVID-19 on campus and adjust phases to maintain the health and safety of our students.

The following rules apply to all students who live in UC San Diego owned, operated, and leased housing. This information may also be reviewed directly at Student Housing Safety Rules:

Exposure and Positive Test Results

  • Isolation: Student residents that test positive for COVID and ordered to isolate must isolate up to 10 days as directed by Student Health Services. Unless approved to leave by Student Health Services or otherwise directed, students may not leave isolation. Students approved to temporarily leave isolation housing, such as to complete a 5-day test, must wear a face mask and return to isolation promptly.
  • Quarantine: Student residents notified by a public health official that they were exposed to a COVID positive individual or displaying symptoms of COVID must notify the University, complete a test, and quarantine for 5 days from when they were exposed or the onset of symptoms. Students that test negative on day 5 may end quarantine, but are strongly encouraged to avoid contact with high risk individuals and wear a face mask through day 10.


Masking and Facial Coverings

Students are encouraged to wear a face mask or covering in:

  • Indoor classroom/instructional locations,
  • Clinical areas (including labs), and
  • Triton/University transportation (including the trolley and bus).

Students are strongly encouraged to wear a face mask or covering when indoors, in large crowds, or while at other high risk locations, such as on a plane. For more information about masking and facial coverings, please see the UC San Diego Face Covering Policy (PPM 516-30) or Masking and Operations.

Amnesty for Public Health Related Incidents

Students or Student Organizations who report potential violations of the Standards of Conduct by themselves or others in good faith during the contact tracing process or medical treatment will not go through the formal student conduct process. Instead, they will meet with their Dean of Student Affairs or a designee to discuss the incident, resources, and educational sanctions or outcomes. Incidents addressed under the Medical Amnesty Program will not receive administrative sanctions (e.g., Probation) or be reported on conduct record checks, except as required by law or University policy.

Please see the UC San Diego Medical Amnesty Program (PDF) for more information.

COVID-19 and Student Conduct

Students that violate the University Standards of Conduct, including COVID-related policies, are subject to the student conduct process and may receive progressive disciplinary sanctions. For more information about the student conduct process, potential sanctions, and related information, please see: